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Shakill! Toronto's new generation rapper. Take a back seat and witness what goes down on the block. This Toronto hoodstar is no stranger to the pen and pad. He been bout that life and it comes out in his lyrics. Parents where are your kids right now? At school? Maybe the library? I don't think so but Shakill knows. In the ends they be trapping , and making more than what you give them in lunch money......

“Out here the rules are different, the cost of admission is high, promotions are cut throat and failure has only 2 penalties.” Shakill

Shakill (born April 18th 1994 in Jane and finch Toronto) is a rapper / singer-songwriter currently residing in Brampton (Bump town) Ontario. As a young child Shakill showed a superb knack for rhythm , swaying his head to his favorite deceased artist Aaliyah. His mother sat amazed as she watched her eldest son literally rock the dresser like a stage performing as if there were thousands of phantom people watching.
Fast forward 7 years at age 11, Shakill’s life changed forever after witnessing the movie “8 mile”, he fell In love with rap, it moved him to eventually write his first full length Song ” Wipe the tears from you eyes” dedicated to his mother.
As time went on his father saw something very special in this Yonge man so after the violent death of Shakills uncle his father decided to build a studio in the basement to try to keep him and the rest off Shakills crew off the hot streets.
Shakill then known as ” Solo ” quickly learned that the life of an artist was not easy. His first lesson was that of sacrifice, while his neighborhood friends got to “run” from dusk to dawn Shakill was in the lab perfecting his craft.
This new path lead him to learn the many aspects of music, under the tutelage of names such as Jhyve , Ellis Iyomahan (of Play De Record), Northern Profit, Arthur Mcarthur, Tre Armstrong (judge on so you think you can dance Canada) and Michael Pope (of  Canadian group Innocence) , Shakill was able to learn  the art of producing , editing, mixing, Song writing and  performance.

In 2012 Shakill then “Solo” released a debut mixtape titled Y.O.D an abbreviation for Year Of Destruction. The mixtape gained the attention of industry heavy hitters such as Universal music group and So So Def. In the summer of 2014 he  change his name from Solo to Shakill (a spin off his actual name Shaquille).
Shakill will never stop.  The cold streets wont stop singing to him. The block is haunted, haunted by a ghostly under belly moving from condo to condo taking souls. Welcome to Toronto…..

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Say hello to the new generation. This Toronto hoodstar is no stranger to the pen and pad. This rapper uses his contemporary melodic flows to show you what relay hat goes down in the streets. He been bout that and it comes out in his lyrics. Shakill will never stop, he will stay on his grind for as long as the wind howl between condos and cold streets keep singing to him.

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